Croydon Saffron critical will characteristic on BBC Radio four′s meals Programme this Sunday, 28th January

This Sunday Yasmin Khan, who changed into born in Croydon, provides a completely unique programme referred to as Britain’s mystery Saffron tale for The food Programme on the BBC’s Radio four. i was fortunate enough to be interviewed just earlier than Christmas at Broadcasting residence and shared all that I knew, as first-rate I may want to, on Croydon’s connection to the saffron crocus.


It became an remarkable opportunity and confirmed how a ways we’ve come due to the fact that 2013, after I auditioned for a slot with Croydon Radio to give a show which would celebrate fantastic humans living, operating or originating in this city. They might pick music that inspired them, drove their targets and reflected in which they were at in lifestyles at the factor of the interview. They kindly gave me a Tuesday morning slot and the show was named Made In Croydon.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to all of my guests, but when I had no person booked in i might browse the internet inside the wish of discovering an exciting historic event or fact that had a hyperlink to Croydon at the date of each show. This was the beginning of my hobby in the crocuses of Croydon.

Legend had it that Croydon’s name become idea to intend ‘crocus valley’. It changed into spring time so I notion that I’d see if any have been approximately and began to picture them and inspire listeners to percentage sightings about city. And so ‘Croydon Crocus Watch’ changed into born – no longer especially compelling listening at the radio, however something to talk approximately, something that belonged to us.

As time exceeded that yr it have become obvious that I’d truely been onto the wrong crocuses. The crocus related to Croydon’s call was the crocus sativus which flowers in the autumn, and this little beauty provides three strands of saffron when it opens up.

i purchased 80 corms and potted them up in my again lawn at Jellyfish Heights, Waddon-on-Wandle. Twenty-seven bloomed, giving me eighty-one saffron strands! the following spring, their siblings were all out and approximately and #Croydon #CrocusWatch persisted. by means of 2015 I’d observed a extraordinary digital mapping tool called TiCL which allowed one to take a photograph of crocuses and map precisely in which they're with the GPS facility. This intended that we could go out and find out the crocuses of Croydon with our telephones! In March I wrote this piece for the Citizen, encouraging all and sundry to sign up for in.

Croydon Saffron central is a place of thought

picture creator’s own.

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inside the summer time of 2015 I had an concept to create a pop up saffron farm on the old Taberner residence web page to celebrate the history of Croydon’s name, and to try to recreate the crocus valley by sharing the flora around Croydon. The response was giant. Councillors, the council, the media and the network sponsored the project, and Croydon Saffron imperative and its achievement had been nicely documented for the past and half of years.

I work in critical Croydon and occasionally I feel an inner calling to take a walk into the Queens Gardens. it's far a space of suggestion, immersed and surrounded by using many layers of background, have an impact on and community. Having spent the beyond 5 years developing an obsession with crocuses (which has bordered on unhealthy on several events), i was honestly extremely joyful to find out my first crocus of 2018 in bloom on tenth January.

can we definitely agree with that the Romans grew saffron in Croydon around 1,800 years in the past? there may be absolute confidence that the Romans and Anglo-Saxons frolicked round these parts. There’s a burial web site 2 hundred yards to the south. The valleys and rivers of Croydon amalgamate 400 yards to the west of the Queens Gardens and this afternoon I noticed masses of yellow crocuses in bloom near Roman manner.

There are ninety species of crocus and the way that I see it is that this is the flower of Croydon. The crocus sativus will usually be my preferred but as #Croydon #CrocusWatch 2018 has now kicked off with its springtime cousins, please marvel of their splendor, take pix, use hashtags, proportion with the network… and i can present a bag of saffron to whoever takes the finest photograph (which ought to, of course, be Made in Croydon).