017 season NFL regular season will be officially opened on Friday in Beijing,

017 season NFL regular season will be officially opened on Friday in Beijing, the curtain, the opener will be in the last season between the two US season playoff team. The 51st Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots will sit at the home of the Gillette Stadium to celebrate the last season, the United States Union West District Kansas Chief of the challenge. The two teams played a total of 34 times in history , including the 2015 season playoff division, when the Patriots to 27-20 victory, but the chief is still 17 wins and 14 losses 3 level historical record slightly dominant.
The Patriots have won the last eight home opener, and in the past 13 games the first week of the game they won 12 of them. There is no doubt that the most talked about the star is the patriot's main quarterback Tom - Brady ( Tom Brady ), the nearly four years of the quarterback in the last season came 28 touchdowns only 2 times was Steals, to the end of the League of 14.0 of the array to intercept the ratio of NFL history of the single season the highest proportion of quarterback players. Although the loss of the preseason in the preseason best Julian - Edelman, but healthy Rob - Glengcowski and off the season to introduce the Bridling - Cooks will be the season to help the Patriots destroy An important weapon for the city.
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Kansas City Chiefs to complete the big move in the offseason to continue reinforcing the same time, won the first-round rookie quarterback in the draft Pa Terry grams - Macho James II ( Patrick Mahomes II ) , so that once the main quarterback Alex - Smith ( Alex Smith ) have more pressure. The quarterback, known for his armies, looked at the horsefields in the training ground, full of five years ago, San Francisco's Capernec. Last season chiefs biggest weapon is tight end Travis - Kells ( Travis Kelce ) , as the league's top tight end last season, he won the 1125 yard catch yardage, nearly two top season opener End of the performance between the front is also very commendable. It is worth mentioning that the Kansas Chiefs last season, the first week of the game in the second half to complete a 21- point reversal, the success of 33-27 victory over San Diego (Los Angeles) electro-optical, do not know this year can reproduce the miracle of last season? (Click gameusd.com to buy cheap madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)