Today, Wu Jinui and the players met to exchange, and later accepted the media

Today, Wu Jinui and the players met to exchange, and later accepted the media interview. He said he would make every effort to do a good job, but also hope that fans can continue to support Shenhua.
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Wu Jingui first said: "We are confident that from last year to this year, I am on the team's situation, understand the more clear. Technical analysis Ye Hao, data statistics Ye Hao, the player's situation and the team's status is very understanding Although there are difficulties, but it is important to do the best, pay the most, I believe there will be good results.

Wu Jingui also revealed his conversation with the players: "I told the players that I am not God, nor is the savior, but as long as the pay, God will help you. So, the media Ye Hao, fans Ye Hao, will Support the team.

Talking about the current situation of foreign aid in the team, Wu Jingui said: "After taking over the team, I have had communication with foreign aid, the past is to communicate with the Chinese players more.Many foreign aid with me, let me very touch They are aware of the status quo, standing in the coach's point of view, the players can realize that the status quo is very important.Found is the biggest problem, at this stage will strive to restore the wounded. Guilin and Martins Are better, Moreno, Kim Ki - hee and Tevez are also ready to play the next game, their high demand, play the best level, I believe there will be good results.

Last night, the Shanghai five-star sports channel column broadcast a section of the interview with Shenhua video, which has a fan cry very sad. Wu Jingui said: "Shenhua has a loyal fans, in the past so many years, their support for the team is very large.It should be said that Shenhua fans are famous in the country. Fans are from the heart like the team to see the status of the team , They are anxious to understand the club, I believe the fans will also move the players, touched the team every person, make every effort to do their own work, of course, please also fans continue to support Shenhua.

Talking about the preparation of the next game Wu Jinui said: "The situation in Hong Kong is very good, the performance ranking is also above Shenhua, it should be said that their preparation is worthy of the present results, congratulations to their AFC Champions League Cup are more Good results as we will strive to play their own level, do the club 's cultural construction, the two teams together, together for the Shanghai football effort. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

11 o'clock, Wu Jinui led the first training. According to the press officer Ma Yue introduced the original coaching staff, the goalkeeper coach and fitness coach will continue to stay.