Dolphins are the only team in the history of the NFL in the regular season and the

Miami dolphins
Dolphins are the only team in the history of the NFL in the regular season and the playoffs are not defeated team. But this thing goes back to 1972, but do not worry - if and dolphins fans talk about this matter, they never bored when, still talked about.

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New England Patriots
The Patriots have won five Super Bowl titles in the history of the team - tied for second place in the NFL - and all five of them are in Tom Breddy and Bill Brickcheck era.

In the case of

New York Jets
Jets have not yet started this season has begun to lead ... ... locked 2018 draft picks champion pick Of course, in order to prevent them in the next season at a certain time on the court performance is good, you may want to learn about their fans slogan, teach you: J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets!

American Federation Western Division

Denver Broncos
Von - Miller is the most interesting player in this league, if you want to know.

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And this season his goal is to complete a single season 30 sack. Well, this seems a bit unrealistic, but if you want to find a player in the array can follow the star, he will not let you down.

Kansas City Chiefs
The chief's mascot is a real horse, called "Warpaint", and the chiefs player Eric - Berry on the horse has a natural fear.

Since it comes to Berry, if you choose to support the chiefs, he should be a very good reason. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2014, and he relied on his strong willpower to finally overcome the disease, and return to the game, the state did not decline.