Daily Telegraph: Premier League team thinks Guardiola will eventually give up Stirling - Game News


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"The Daily Telegraph" reported that the Premier League team believes that as long as Guardiola's own new lineup is completed, Stirling will be abandoned. Before the transfer window closed, Stirling was Manchester City into the Sanchez deal or the gunmen take the initiative to get Stirling in various media reports contradictory. Manchester City insisted that Stirling is still an integral part of the Guardiola program, but allegedly some Premier League top teams and coach got Stirling will eventually be Guardiola to give up the impression. The introduction of Bernardo - Silva to Stirling increased competitive pressure, coupled with Guardiola will try to introduce Sanchez in the winter window or summer window, which makes people on the future of Stirling had doubts. Stirling in the league before the three rounds of two appearances, scored two goals, has just been named Manchester City in August the best player. But he will be due to the red card this week against Liverpool's key battle. However, in the England national team, Stirling in the game against Malta was half replaced, and then Rushford grabbed the starting position, Rushford is still in this game scored a goal. In addition, Soggate also warned the England players in the club's playing situation will affect the national team career. Kazakhstan first team few young players, the club to consider the closure of youth academy_World light industry
FIFA 18 News "Daily Mail" reported that Premier League Huddersfield club chairman Dean - Hoyle is considering closing the Youth Academy. Allegedly, Kazakhstan town has been discussed with the Premier League high-level the feasibility of this plan, the club is now worried that no youth players can enter the first team. Ha Town believes that the use of funds for other places on the team more good. Although the post-negotiation youth training mechanism will not change, but the club is still looking for alternatives. Philip Billy Lin is the only Wagner array from the youth of the players, they will be in 2013, he signed from Denmark. The young side guard Jordan - Williams got the first chance in the last year's League Cup, but was later r(Click gameusd.com to buy cheap madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
ented to Berry. At present, there is no head coach in youth academy. Garciddus and Agnelli join the executive committee of the UEFA executive committee |
At the London Evening News, Arsenal CEO Garciddus was appointed as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee on behalf of the European Club Association (ECA). The 52-year-old Garciddus will join ECA's new chairman, Agnelli, as a member of the executive committee of the UEFA, who also became the second representative of Manchester United's former Manchester United CEO David Jill. Agnelli took Rumeneig as the new chairman of ECA. They also elected 11 board members and nominated four delegates to enter the UEFA professional soccer decision-making committee. The four delegates are Barcelona President Bartome Um, Manchester United CEO Woodward, PSG Chairman Nasser and Celtic Chairman Peter Lauer.