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FIFA 18 NEWS 5 月 5 日 Milan defender Ricardo - Rodriguez's agent recently said in an interview, their customers received a lot of Serie A before the team's offer. R Luo this summer and Inter Milan, Naples and Juventus are rumors of rumors, but the final AC Milan signed the Swiss defender. R Luo's agent recently said in an interview: Yes, I can confirm that many Serie A teams want to get him. But Fasso and Mirabei are very good, this summer they show a good negotiation skills. ; From the beginning of the negotiations the first minute, they told us that Milan want to get Rodriguez, their way of negotiations so that we were surprised. Mirabei is a football expert, he can from scratch to describe the R Luo again, in the analysis of its advantages, but also pointed out that the players need to improve the place. Fasso is a highly efficient and persuasive negotiator, and I believe that even if there is not enough budget, he can also bring players to the team. ; (welcome to gameusd.com to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins) R Luo is one of the best defender in Europe, Milan is also he wants to further the correct team. AC Milan has lofty ambitions, but to 11 new aid kneading into the team is not an easy thing. In the Serie A league, there are teams like Rome, Juventus, Naples to participate in the war in Europe. ; Milan has released a clear signal, they are full of desire for the championship honor. They want to continue to attack the opponent, they want to control the ball, they will never stop the attack. In this Milan under the leadership of Serie A League can gradually restore the glory of the past. Outstanding! Little German: I prove to Paris that they can trust me _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news


FIFA 18 NEWS 5 月 5 日 World Cup, Germany 6-0 victory over Norway, the game, Paris Saint Germain star Draxler performance is very good. In an interview, Draxler said: I was in Paris only two games in a short time, but because of the relationship between the Confederations Cup, I return to training time than other players late four weeks, this is The media occasionally forget things. "It was very important for me to play 90 minutes against Norway, and I was sending a signal to Paris to let them know that they could rely on me," he said. I am looking forward to working with Nemal, Mbapi, but if you are a $ 220 million or 180 million transfer fee, then from the paper you really have the advantage, but I am confident that this is why I do not consider leaving Paris The