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Transfer deadline major league official transfer summary: Mbabei lead _ tiger flutter international football news
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Tiger transfer September 1 hearing summer transfer market finally ushered in the end! So what are the stars of today's attention to the move? Tiger flutter football for everyone to sort out the most fresh and hot news, tyrannical move trends, where all the transfer information panoramic view. Lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; August 31 ;;; Heavyweight official information including: Beijing time 01:31; Mbapi leased from Monaco to join Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain Club official Announced that the team rented to sign the Monaco striker Mbape, the contract containing the terms of the buyout. According to "team newspaper" reported that the purchase fee of 145 million plus 35 million euros floating terms. (Details link ;;) Beijing time 21:04; Renato - Sanchez from Bayern rent to join Swansea Swansea Club official announced that the team rented Bayern midfielder Zanzisi, lease a year. (Details link ;;) Beijing time 19:30; Oliver from Paris Saint Germain joined Tottenham, transfer fee 23 million pounds Tottenham official announced that the club signed the Paris Saint-Germain defender Oriya, both sides signed to 2022 years. He will be in the new season wearing No. 24 jersey. According to Sky Sports reported that the transfer fee of 23 million pounds. Zhang Bolun joined Liverpool from Arsenal, transfer fee of 35 million pounds Liverpool club officially announced that the team officially signed Arsenal midfielder Chamberlain. It is reported that the transfer fee of 35 million pounds +500 million additional terms, the two sides signed six years. (Details link ;;) Beijing time 08:34; Derrickwater from Chester City to join Chelsea, transfer fee of 35 million pounds Chelsea club announced on the official website, and Leicester City midfielder Delinger Five - year contract. According to the BBC revealed that the transfer fee for Delinkwater is £ 35 million. (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


The Leicester City Club announced that Derrickwater broke the club's transfer record. Zapatera from Turin joined Chelsea, the transfer fee of 23 million pounds Chelsea club official announced the signing of Turin guard Zapacosta, the two sides signed for four years. According to the Italian Sky Sports revealed that the transfer fee of 28 million euros, including 2 million euros in floating terms.