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Dragic is watching the same group of French and Finnish games
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NBA September 1 hearing today ended a European Championship group match, Finland overtime to 86-84 victory over France, the French French player Evan - Fu Niye game play 30 minutes, get 25 points 4 Rebounds and 3 assists. Heat player, played in the Slovenian national team of the Golan - Dragic and teammate Matic Rebec came to the French and Finnish game scene. Video: Dragic and teammates watch against France against Finland (11 seconds) & gt; Slovenia group match first to 90-81 victory over Poland, Dragic scored 30 points 2 rebounds and 4 assists. Poland, Greece, France, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia in the A group. Golan - Dragic last season in the Heat are played 33.7 minutes, averaging 20.3 points and 3.8 rebounds and 5.8 assists. Sun general manager: the team will find the team in line with the core age of the team _NBANBA news
NBA Rising - General Manager Ryan - McDonough said the rookie David Reed's left knee meniscus injury may prompt the team to try some of the draft or free agent to fill Reid on the team list s position. US time on Tuesday, McDonough went overseas to watch the 2017 European Championships in Dela - Bender for the Croatian team played the game. He said the team may be in the next one or two weeks to try the players to see if there are "eye-catching" players. But he said the team will not sign a veteran to replace Reid's position, which ruled out Tony - Allen, Monta - Ellis or former Suns defender Leandro - Barbosa and other free agents to join The possibility of the sun. McDonough said: "I think the team will tend to choose the young, nearly 30 years old when the upper limit of the players. There may be exceptions, but a player in line with the team's core growth trajectory will be our initial goal. McDonough said Reed will recover from four to six months after surgery, and the team has a choice for him. He said the second-year Little Derek-Jones could replace Reed's shooting guard, and small forward Josh Jackson and TJ-Warren also had the ability to lead the team after the time of the German-Burke end. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Jones, Warren and Jackson are not 3 points shooter. In last year's Las Vegas Summer League, Jones hit a third of 27.3 percent. And this year's summer league, Jones's third hit rate was 26.5%, Jackson 18.8%. About Reed, McDonough said the team wanted him to return in the second half of the season. This is the second time Reid suffered a left knee meniscus tear, his sophomore at the University of Miami also suffered a similar injury. However, McDonough said he was not worried about Reed in his career may be knee problems. McDonough said: "Any time a player's knee injury is likely to cause injury, but I do not think this represents the end of his career, or will plague his career." McDonough also said that the team on the restricted free agent Alex - Ryan's situation without any change, the team provided him with a $ 4.2 million a year qualifying offer, he was in the local time in October 1 day before the right to decide whether to sign the offer contract. Mavericks center Naurons - Noel recently signed with the Mavericks a one-year, worth $ 4.1 million qualifying offer, but when asked if he thinks it may affect the decision of Ryan, McDonough Said: "You have to ask Alex himself. Grimy - Grant Go Play: Enjoy this journey _NBANBA News
NBA Today's Thunder player Jeremy Grant has released a set of photos in social media (see press chart). Enjoy this journey. "Wrote Grant. 2016-17 season, Grant averaged 19.1 minutes to get 5.4 points 2.6 rebounds and 1.0 cover.