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NFL 18 [8/31 Steelers] Steelers added to the new; Bell playing temper by AlexdaYG published in the tiger flutter NFL football field weekend, Pittsburgh Steelers in the third week of the preseason game home loss to the small (Click to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Ma, fortunately, general manager Kevin Colbert did not let the steel fans worry too long, the transaction came to Vance McDonald, it is timely signed Joe Haden; interesting even if the management is making determined efforts, but one person is "happy Le'Veon Bell, who was training, was late on August 30th @ AlexdaYG1. Steelers got 49 people near the end Vance McDonald Tuesday, August 29, Pittsburgh with a four-round sign to 49 Man near Vance McDonald and a five-round sign This sudden deal has made a surprise to everyone, especially the head of the steelman, Jesse James: "You never know when this happens, especially in this business center. Do not know Vance, but we will welcome his arrival. "In fact, since the veteran Heath Miller retired, Steelers in the red zone attack, and third gear pass, they lost a reliable catch point. Although the timely signing of the Ladarius Green, Green but because of serious injury problems by the team into the limbo, and ultimately in May this year because of the physical examination was not cut by the team. Five rounds of the show in 2015 Jesse James became the first round of the team. James and the predecessors of Heath Miller, are not purely ball-type proximal front, but a comprehensive type of proximal; James is in weight and height slightly on the Heath Miller a chip. But James last season in the catch and cover the performance can only be used to describe quite satisfactory. Last season, James shot 39 times, only three touchdowns, averaging a total of 8.7 yards each time, a total of 338 yards, of which the longest catch only 24 yards. This catch the results and can not impress Tomlin coach. Even if the team near the front Xavier Grimble against the pony when the runner James Conner made many key screening, and completed a one-on-one touchdowns, also failed to change the coaching staff End of the group of trust. After the deal was completed, Tomlin in an interview with the bluntly pointed out that the state of the front-end group is undoubtedly the team to make an important reason for the change. Tomlin said: "These guys did not reach our psychological expectations." So, is Vance McDonald the steel savior? To know that this guy's draft pick than the popular Travis Kelce even before the front, but because of the characteristics of the butterman is known in the NFL. The C-USA Alliance team from Kent University was picked by the 49th in the second round by 2013, between Tyler Eifert, Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce, Jordan Reed. 49 people wanted McDonald to be a replacement for Delanie Walker, and he was soon put on the top two front of the team, behind Vernon Davis. It was counterproductive, because of a series of injuries, coupled with the high rate of amazing drop, he was the first time in his career the first time the ball touchdowns. The whole 49 career, he contributed 64 times the ball, 866 yards, and 7 touchdowns, of which the first three seasons only 475 yards. Last season was the best season for his career. (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

In the first 11 games of the season, he contributed 391 yards and 4 touchdowns. It is possible to take into account McDonald's data is increasing year by year, December 9, 2016, when the 49-man coach Chip Kelly and then general manager, veteran Trent Baalke resolutely decided to give McDonald a 5-year, the value of 3500 Million dollar contract. Careful Bay Area media found that the average annual salary of the contract is even higher than Delanie Walker. "In the past four years, Vance has shown steady progress," said Baalke, general manager of Baalke. "This season's harvest is the result of his efforts ... we believe he's digging A small part of his potential .... "Looking back, then the renewal of McDonald could really be Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke's reluctantly - McDonald is the only 49 large player, and the data one Year is better than a year, even if the renewal of a gamble. But they forgot two things: first, in the past four years, McDonald's drop rate as high as 15.8% in the near-edge in the second higher than Jared Cook 3.1 percentage points; second, McDonald's injury Disease problems must not be underestimated ... 3 days after the December 12, in that 49 people jets chicken peck each game, McDonald shoulder injury, season reimbursement. With this season coaching staff and management both large exchange of blood, 49 people have never left McDonald necessary. McDonald so in the contract has not yet completed a catch in the case of sadly turned to Pittsburgh. For Pittsburgh, it's definitely a good move to win McDonald. Four rounds of sign to five rounds of sign and a former two-round show near the front? Please, the four rounds of steel and 49 people between the five rounds of the difference between the number of how long? (Steelman fans lightly spray my milk ... 49 fans ask you to light the fist ...) So, Pittsburgh almost free to come McDonald. The arrival of McDoanld means that the steel man once again has a long-range front of the long-range ability to catch the ball. Before we feel too optimistic, do not forget that we have Ladarius Green's warning. For McDonald, what we can do is hope that he can become the X factor we have been looking forward to. As for McDonald's contract, the situation is not as serious as the previous five years 35 million. Because later we learned that the last two years of the contract is the team option. In other words, the essence of this contract is three years 19 million, and the protection part is not high. The last two years of the option is 5.5 million per year. All together, the total contract to reach the level of 30 million. Even if McDonald became the next Ladarius Green, Steelers could sweep McDonald out in 2018, when McDonald had only received $ 10 million in salary for two years and would not give the Steelman a dead money. Such a look, his salary and Green four years the level of 20 million similar. At this point, we would like to thank the 49-year veteran manager Baalke's foresight.