Welcome to Hewedes to Juventus to play, he is the leader! _FIFA 18 International Football News

Hedi La: Welcome to Hewedes to Juventus to play, he is the leader! _FIFA 18 International Football News
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FIFA 18 August 30 - Italian media "Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that later in the local time later, He Weide Si expected to be signed with Juventus, rented about 15 million euros in the buyout clause, while the Field general Hedi La first time on the coming of the compatriots welcome. I told you that I was so glad he could come. Hedi La said:; Benidi Kete (He Weide Si) is a leader, he always in the field to his teammates to motivate, able to do more than a position, for us is very important. But Hedi La also reminded Hewei Si Si: in Italy training is very intense, I also spent some time to adapt, Allegri is my career the most challenging coach. Any experienced player, may take some time to adapt to Serie A. Hedi has its own view: now is a player can sell 220 million euros in the era, no two years ago, no one will do so, in today everything is possible The For me, measuring the value of a football star is always how much your passion, not how much you can earn, worth much. I saw Nemal's first game in Paris, and I think he still has enough desire for football. Newcastle striker Mitrovic will be banned for violent behavior three games _FIFA 18 international football news
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Newcastle striker Alexandre Mitrovich will face a three-game ban. In the game against West Ham United, he and the hammer to help midfielder Ranzini's conflict has been the FA allegations. In the team 3-0 win West Ham United game, the Serbian striker suspected elbow on the other players Ranzini. The 22-year-old striker was charged with allegations before 18:00 local time on Wednesday. The statement from the FA said: "Now on the Mitrovic game violence in the allegations, the violation was not seen by the referee, but according to the video playback that he was suspected of violence. Rudy: Bayern's greatest pleasure is to be able to test their own cap where _FIFA 18 international football news (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 Aug. 30 Bayern Munich new aid Rudy said he would not join Bayern to change his style of play. In an interview, Rudy said: I think Bayern signed me because of my style of play, which is why I do not need to change too much, but of course, since I joined Bayern, I need to adapt here The tactical changes, but my style is not going to change. Rudy said: I know the level here is higher, the training level is also stronger, I want to know where their limits, want to know how much progress, I think this is the best thing to play in Bayern The For your underestimated topic, Rudy said: "If you are free to move, and your personality is a little quiet, it will do so, but I do not think this is a bad thing, , So that you can play quietly, come up with their own performance.