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Players like him are almost in a dominant position compared to those of the first round of the chosen peers, because they can enter the second contract faster. It would be a thorny deal for the Jaguar because they had given their second catcher Allen Hurns a big sum of money. Lee, the team's third option, also entered the contract year. Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins: Dolphins will decide Randry, a player who has just finished his back-to-back thousand yards season, is it worth the price of the first catcher, even though most of his stalls External. Even with all of these productivity, the dolphins are still hoping that Landry will be able to pay attention to the details of the road to a great deal, and the boss Stephen Ross sounds like a lack of The new deal is indifferent, and the negotiations are still in a state of stagnation in the report of Armando Salguero, the Miami Mayor. A long-term contract may be so hard to settle down. 2014 is full of endurance because it is not just a star player. Devon Adams, Packers, John Brown, Cardinals, Dante Moncrief, and Jordan Matthews. Was trading to go to Bill] are able to giant in this year to enhance their ability. Some of these players will no doubt in the season will be renewed, the rest will begin to have no label and restless. A lot of external control and thus the future of the quarterback market in stark contrast, the latter pay more attention to quality than the number.

Kirk Cousins ​​of the quarterback, Washington Redskine: There are a few examples of history for Cousins ​​and Jimmy Garoppolo, 2018 free market the most attractive quarterback. Although he still did not squeeze into the top four quarterback ranks, Cousins ​​can reset the quarterback market to close to the true value of this position, largely because of the red skin to deal with his situation improperly. For two consecutive seasons, Patricia used the privilege label to give the fourth quarter of the selected quarterback unprecedented power, in the league gathered his former coach, including 49 people Karl Shahan Khan (Kyle Shanahan And Sean McVay of the ram. (San Francisco is the most reasonable choice.) This may not help the Reds keep Cousins, and they specifically make him look bad in the long-term contract negotiations this summer. This may allow the red flower to spend about $ 3.5 million to use the privilege label for the third time in Cousins, and if he performs well this season, the team may consider paying a number. However, his performance will be more or less and red skin in the season's performance linked together. A year down could make it easier for a seemingly contradictory decision-making team to act on him. Pasting the privilege label for him before trading Cosses may be another option because the young quarterback has a trade value. Jimmy Gallopolo, New England Patriot: Patriots know what value it is, why is the reason why the team has rejected any questions about Gallupolo before the season. If Bill Belichick really believes that there is a great quarterback on his roster, the Patriots will do everything possible to either leave him or get the greatest trade value from him. Tom Brady does not need any plan for the Patriot - his contract will not expire until 2019 - and Gallo Poole is after 2017, especially considering Brady's health The question or whether his game data will change. Patriots may try to draft a creative contract to leave Gallowo as an option to stay in Boston or simply use a privilege label to keep the problem in 2019. Paying an alternative quarterback more than Brady's salary is very much fit with Billy Cec's personal decision making. Gallopolo is sure to earn the starter-quality money - (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

$ 2 million per season - if he becomes a free man, but promising young quarterback will not be simple Patronize the free market. And then again ... may not leave the star quarterback Matthew Stafford (MatthewStafford), Detroit Lion: If the lion did not put a contract to Stafford before the end of the season Is very shocking, or at the end of the training camp. Even if the negotiations were blocked, the lion had no reason to let him go as soon as possible. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Brisbane in the future of the saints is more complicated than that of Stafford because of his age (38) and taking into account the annual report Sean Payton expressed interest in other work. Brisbane has publicly stated that he intends to play in 2017 before his future is clear, although it is difficult to imagine his team playing outside the saints if Payton left it. It is reported that the saints are now interested in signing him before the chiefs trade Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes II), so it is clear that the team has begun to consider the operation of Brisbane after leaving it just has not really started preparing The This largely affected Brisbane to let him reach an agreement to stay in the saints unless the performance of the saints next season was well below the league average. Marginal quarterback Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings: Let the bridge water season reimbursement of the knee injury after the Vikings refused to perform him Of the fifth year option, so both in 2018 will become a free body. Bridge water is now concerned about their own health problems, after all the experience he has experienced any return to the NFL's performance will be seen as a victory.

But the Vikings will have to face the difficult facts, how to deal with him and Bradford's contract. This time Bradford will lose his job. He and the coordinator Pat Shurmur's history as well as the state of the team's debut will allow Bradford a chance to win another big contract in his career. Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins: The dolphins smashed the money on the Cutler at the last minute to make him a substitute for Ryan Tannehill. Peking signed Bradford. Despite the fact that the money spent on Cutler is less, the Vikings and dolphins may make a similar decision after the end of the season: renew the contract with the veteran, stick to their future star or a combination of both. However, Cutler may be longer than expected. Maybe my Cartier glasses are distorting things here, but it's not hard to imagine such a scene - the team chooses to keep the Cutler, trading Tennys Hill, and then signing one that will be remembered after 2018 Of the future quarterback star. Before that all, Cutler would have to face his year "proof of himself" contract. He is not the only one. Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelman, running back: he will eventually sign his one year's privilege label and try to get his back in the 2016 season, to prove his contract all-star player Le'Veon Bell Magical performance. A healthy absence of the season should be able to make Bell in the difficult period of running back the market champion. Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagle, who took over: he wants this pressure, Jeffrey from the Vikings for many years in the contract to get more security to sign a year $ 9.5 million in the Hawks contract. He showed the league to take over the top ten rare talent, and then get that a sub-contract. Terrelle Pryor, Washington Redskins, Outside: The more I know about Pryor, the more I believe that other teams should take a long time with him when the price is so low. The former quarterback may only dig out the surface of his potential.