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Los Angeles Lightning coach Antonio Lynn had been blown to prevent Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers from attending La Dainian Tomlinson's Hall of Fame Inauguration ceremony.

Then Lynn was strongly denied the news, but he did hope that Rivers could stay in training, so eventually Gates went to the ceremony.

US time on Monday, Rivers is very clear that he will insist on staying in the training ground, his focus will be on the team, and said he had been and Tom Linsen dredded.

And for Gates, his presence is predictable, with the age of growth, the new season Gates will no longer be the team's starting close-edge, Hunter - Henry (Hunter Henry) will gradually replace him.

Gates and Tomlinson in San Diego together to complete the seven seasons of the game, they are the team the best position of the ball

Hall of fame fear of chicken and chicken pecking each other! Only people let the first ride on the bench
The rugby game is about to return, but the Arizona Cardinals' starting players will start from the sidelines.

Cardinals Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said on Tuesday that the starting players will not participate in the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame game.

Arians also said that the replacement quarterback Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) will also not participate in the game. The Cardinals plan to make Blaine Gabbert the starting quarterback and play the first half of the game, the second half they will let the rookie Trevor - Knight (Trevor Knight) appearance.

For the coaches to let most or even all the first players to rest and not participate in the Hall of Fame has become the norm. After the Hall of (Fame there are four preseason games, the Cardinals have plenty of time for the first player to return to the Detroit Lions in the regular season. (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)