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On May 25th, Atletico, vice-chairman of the race, accepted the media interview after drawing lots this morning, and he said he was talking about the move, but he needed to respect Chelsea's advice. I think thiresult is a collection of a variety of teams and giants, Chelsea and Rome are we have encountered opponents, and Karabakh is a surprise, although the same time, We are used to fighting against distant opponents. This year's road trip is not easy, but most importantly, we are very satisfied to be able to enter the Champions League. We can respect these opponents, because every team is full of dreams of the Champions League. Very happy to enter the Champions League race, and hope to be like the previous few years, showing a positive result. The problem: we can do now is to focus on their own work, and wait to see the Champions League and the move will have any moves, no doubt, we are very interested in Diego, but Want to reach agreement also need to work. We are talking to Chelsea, and now we have to make a conclusion about the player's future. Or to respect Chelsea, and then look at what can be done for Diego. We have been very optimistic, and full of dreams and passion, in fact, to enter the Champions League, and can let our fans enjoy the pleasure, which has explained a lot of problems. Yahoo! Sports: Kutiniao to consider issuing a public statement expressing dissatisfaction.

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According to Yahoo Sports reported that Liverpool midfielder Kutiniao is considering a public statement to express their dissatisfaction. The Brazilian star hope Liverpool can reach an agreement with Barcelona, ​​put their transfer Nou Camp, he repeatedly to the Red Army coach Klopp proposed leave of the request. But in the mild means can not convince Liverpool high-level release, Kutiniao submitted a transfer application, and stopped the training. According to sources close to the players, Kutiniao is ready to tell the media, explain why they are dissatisfied with Fenway Sports Group and Klopp, and express their desire to leave the team. Once Liverpool rejected the fourth offer from Barcelona, ​​the Brazilians are expected to take this approach. A source said:; Kutiniao ready to tell the media, Liverpool to make their own life miserable, and he wanted to leave. He has been very patient, but the final leave is his choice as a player, he wants to do so. Barcelona is expected to offer Quudinho at the fourth offer this week, and the cost will reach 150 million euros for the record of the club transfer fee, of which 110 million euros are guaranteed to pay, plus a 40 million euros floating bonus. Yahoo Sports said that Barcelona's offer reached the asking price quoted by Liverpool at the beginning of this month's secret negotiations. Reported that the relationship between Kudiniao and Klopp has deteriorated to; he did not like the coach at all. The player wants to break up friendly, but the response he gets from Clop makes him determined with the club; It is reported that Clop hopes to set an example with Kutiniao, so he refused to leave the players before leaving the season in the new season to warn the team to other players. Official: Waterford rents Benfica winger Carrillo
In a club official website announced that they officially borrowed from the Benfica Peruvian winger Carrillo (Andre Carrillo). The 26-year-old player will be in the form of rent for the Watford war 2017- 18 season, and the Hornets have the right to buy him in the summer of next year. Carilillo is a right footer, and now he reunited with Watbridge and mentor Silva, both of whom worked together in Portuguese sports. Carriillo debuted at the Peruvian domestic team Lima Union, who in 2011 switched to Portuguese sports. During the period of his total for this Portuguese super team played 160 games, and in the company under the command of the Portuguese Cup won the Portuguese Cup. He joined Benfica in 2016, last season he played 24 games for the team to help the team won the Triple Crown. Quit smoking! Bayern Munich fitness coach training smoking
Bayern Munich's new head, Saliamy Jiqi, promulgated a ban on smoking, banning smoking in the locker room. Smoking ban Bie Bayern coach, in the coach Ancelotti was photographed on the balcony after smoking, fitness coach Mao Li was also photographed smoking in the training ground. Mao is Bayern's health coach, but this does not mean that he himself is living very healthy. After the ban on smoking, Mao can only be in the training field had a smoking addiction. Rai Aola talks about Nyon: the two sides are looking for the right solution |