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(Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)  Xiaobian preface to sell Meng can save people: 7.25 milk monk novice entry experience. "World of Warcraft" 7.2.5 version of the open, the fabric of the monk's status although it is very embarrassing, but its own core mechanism is also designed quite good, or attract a lot of people to play. Operation difficulty, although slightly higher but the potential limitless, are entry slow growth fast easy super god nurse career. Here we have to bring you 7.2.5 weaving mist PVE some of the basic entry experience. Talent recommended first layer: infuriating burst nowadays infuriating burst better than the latter two, milk monk had a lot of skills, short CD skills embedded in the treatment chain is easy to suffer, and its cost is not high. The second layer: moving as a rabbit to increase the number of times to roll the number of times, relatively suitable for novice to take the road, the effect is obvious. The third layer: the wind around the mist Many old players will recommend endless, but I personally think that for the novice to maintain the fine wool will be treated and therapists are very comfortable, can be a good need to reduce the amount of first aid. The fourth layer: the song of red fine as the back of the treatment of the milk monk, red fine song is very suitable for remote rescue field control, rather than up with swept the legs kicked. The fifth layer: gold sore gold sore drug passive effect is very suitable for novice life-saving, can be seen as a passive emergency presence. And lift the blood line effect will help novice stability of their own feelings, not rush. The sixth layer: mana tea for the novice monk, the fear is broken blue no milk! So the presence of magic tea back to the novice can be described as love. Attributes and equipment recommended in the premise of loading and other priorities, crit all-round can be a team priority attribute, but in the big secret of the players can be proficient in all-round rapid, increase the amount of general treatment. After all, the advantage of a large number of milk monks is to continue to return to the blood,  the basis of blood volume will enhance the overall advantage of amplification. Orange installed on the milk monk, the Savoyike masterpiece of the necklace is very good, every 30 seconds to obtain a layer of the equivalent of 25% of the maximum life of the absorption shield for 30 seconds is simply made for the milk monk. Wei Lun's future prediction of this jewelry is one of the core, you can see as a little active group therapy skills to add. Other orange clothes are only in the big secret performance to be slightly better, the group is another matter. Novice treatment Note 1, the views of the dead in the current version of Warcraft, in addition to the rolling of the powerful, BOSS war dead people completely impossible (you have to believe that there is always 25 people in the presence of water).

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So the idea of ​​the dead is fundamentally inappropriate, but then after a lot of treatment will be the outbreak of the distribution of an unimportant DPS, this will lead to continue to do some unnecessary first aid, and then the team needs you broke out when the weak , And finally reflected in the statistics is very bad statistics. So a good treatment want a good data at the same time can survive the BOSS, then it should be the same as the DPS planning timeline to plan your skills and outbreak, can use AOE and DOT to restore the blood determined not to With a variety of small outbreaks, otherwise the key time your outbreak of treatment is not easy to pour T even lead to destroy mission. 2, self-protection treatment of self-protection means is not stealing a small outbreak of their own skills to recover, and then first by walking and injury reduction skills to avoid injury, and reasonable use of group therapy effect to restore their own, or a card GCD The opportunity for some of the elevator T is easy to open skills to protect the back of the fall. 3, control the blue how to use the first mana to brush out more treatment, which is very important in the regiment, the novice can control the mana tea to help the shaft, but also should learn to control the pace of treatment, do not silly Chong Chong any time Diaoxie not stop overflow treatment, to know the treatment of empty blue also means that group off. So stop to control the blue to ensure that the rhythm is a good nanny advanced homework. First aid, I put the first aid in the last face, because the first aid will undoubtedly reduce your HPM and HPS, compared to a treatment to reduce efficiency to do first aid, I prefer a number of treatment each person to a small skill to solve it. This approach has less impact on mana and healing efficiency, and also increases the efficiency of first aid. Interesting inventory: World of Warcraft people troubled by the 10 design _ more World of Warcraft area