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Girona last season successfully into the La (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Liga, the club 87 years of history for the first time rose to Spain's top league. It is reported that the city football group did not occupy more than 50% of the shares is taking into account the potential with the Girona meet in Europe, UEFA may interfere with the risk.

Perry - Guardiola is Manchester City coach Pepper - Guardiola's brother, he is currently engaged in brokerage matters. In addition to the 88.6% stake in City Soccer Group and Perry-Guardiola, the rest of the shares are held by the fans.

In the official statement, Girona said: "The new boss is committed to maintaining, strengthening and helping Girona to grow into a stable team in the development of La Liga. The acquisition in addition to the Girona from the city football group has Experience and knowledge, and (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) will gain access to its infrastructure, technical team, scout team, development of young players, and management assistance.

There are currently five players from Manchester City in the Girona line player, in the opener, the Girona 2-2 draw with the Spanish rally Madrid

Bogba: Rooney is a legend, hoping to keep watching him play

Manchester United midfielder Bogba said in an interview that he was thinking of Rooney, and that Rooney for the legend.


Rooney yesterday announced the decision to retire from the national team on personal social media, and the 31-year-old striker contributed 53 goals to the team in 119 games for England. In the summer, he also returned from Manchester United to Everton.

Borgba said: "You always miss him like the captain and the team legend, because he has won the rich experience.He is a top player, he can help the team, he really is a The top players can be used as an example for the progress of the young players and we all want to be able to see players like him active in the pitch, because he is worthy of respect.He did what he wanted to do. Stick the player, he'll always be a legend.

This morning, Liverpool in the Champions League qualifying out of Hoffenheim, after two seasons again reached the Champions League race.

The team striker Ma did not score in the game, but he also played well. Ma has been in the first two Premiership into the two goals, as the game broadcast guests Liverpool legend Gerrard is very enjoy the performance of Ma, he can not control their feelings. Moderator Reinfel revealed that Steven Gerrard had been singing at halftime.

"Are you willing to give us some more?" Said Reinerl.

Gerrard is not shy, sings: "Oh ~ ~ mana inside ~ ~"