Ravens installed high-altitude cameras for the stadium

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (Pete Carroll) in the team that left (Click here to buy NFL 18 coins , all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the left side of the George - Furt (George Fant) NFL 18 season reimbursement is clearly sad.
Fang Te 25 years old this year, starting the first 10 games, this NFL 18 season would have been the regular NFL 18 season starting left front. On Friday, Seahawks had to let Rees Odhiambo and Luke Joeckel serve as left-hand positions.
At present, the free agent cut off there Brandon - Albert (Branden Albert), but the Hawks will eventually give the opportunity to Thales - Thompson (Tyrus Thompson).
Thompson is the Minnesota Vikings' six-round show in 2015, last NFL 18 season in the Carolina Panthers training list spent five games, he also briefly in the Detroit Lions and New Orleans saints played short, black The leopard laid (Click here to buy Mut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) off him on August 12th.
It now appears that Thompson has the opportunity to appear in the regular NFL 18 season.

Ravens installed high-altitude cameras for the stadium
Ravens have recently installed a permanent high-altitude camera (SkyCam), which is their first home for the NFL team equipped with this technology.
High-altitude cameras can enhance live playback, providing a more complete perspective, so that the audience watching the game can have a better experience.
NFL and the University of the game has been broadcast using this high-altitude camera for several years, but had occurred in Seattle, an accident so that this technology was disabled.


Last year, it was also thought that the rider quarterback Derek - Carr (Derek Carr) a pass hit the camera cable, but the fact that did not.
Crows do not have to worry about Ryan - Ma Leite will hit the cable, after all, he wanted to aim at the target.

The Cardinals activate Dion-Buchanong from the injury list

Deacon Bucannon had no time to return to training, but at least he did not have to stay on the list of injuries.
Buchan Nong at the beginning of the training camp because of an ankle injury into the list of injuries. US time on Tuesday, the team announced the reactivation of Buchan Lennon, he can participate in the team morning exercise, and efforts to recover, to participate in the preNFL 18 season next week.
If things go well, Buchan Lennon still has the opportunity to participate in the regular NFL 18 season first week of the game, but the team does not want to appear eager to aggressive.
"We have not yet had to give Dion a burden," said Bruce Arians, coach, "and he is already lucky to play."
Haason Reddick, the first-round pick, will be starting with Carlos-Dansby to share the mission of Buchan Lennon. If the Buchan Lennon preNFL 18 season can not play, it is expected to be replaced by Reddick.

Jay - Ramsay this week preNFL 18 season ushered in the first show

The Jaguar will let Jalen Ramsey welcome the preNFL 18 season debut. At the beginning of the training camp, Ramsey entered the list of injuries by taking the core muscle group surgery, but was activated after 10 days. Coach Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) US time on Tuesday said Ramce has been able to play.
"We plan to let Jay to play," Malone said, "but also very much looking forward to his performance, he was in good condition this week, as long as no accident, he will definitely play the basic play.
OffNFL 18 season and Jacksonville Jaguar signed the cornerback AJ - Boyer will be injured in the absence of competition.