Kutiniao continued to miss, hopelessly played Hoffenheim

He said: "Of course, everything between me and me is no problem. Absolutely so, 100% is the case. I have never commented on any newspaper written or people say, but 100% clear that I and his There is no change between. I have already said, my English is not very good, can not give the same question five different answers, so now the situation has not changed.
Kutiniao continued to miss, hopelessly played Hoffenheim
Although the second round with Hoffenheim's Champions League qualifying is about to start, but Liverpool midfielder Kutiniao still no signs of coming back.

The Brazilian international foot injury has been off for three weeks, he will not play with Hoffenheim FIFA 18 GAME. Kutiniao's absence occurred just when he wanted to move to Barcelona, but the Spanish team for three consecutive offer were rejected by the Red Army.

Lalana and Klein will also miss the battle with Hoffenheim. However, Liverpool other players all appear in the pre-season training, Arnold, Emre - Zhan, Lovelyn and Salah is expected to return to the main lineup. Clop will also consider whether to continue to arrange the last round of the league's outstanding Robertson starting, or restart the Spanish left back Moreno.


Nemal advised Kutiniao to join Paris
Nei Maer is about to leave Barcelona, ??joined the Paris Saint Germain. According to the "Daily Sport newspaper" news, Nei Maer is trying to persuade Kutiniao and he joined Paris together.

Although during the United States line, Nei Maer has remained silent, not on their own future position, but privately he and his friends had to communicate. According to the "Daily Sport newspaper" learned (Click here to buy fifa 18 points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) that during the United States trip, Nei Maer had whats app send text messages to persuade Kutiniao, want him not to listen to the offer of Barcelona, ??but as their own to join the big Paris. In addition, the news of the "Parisian newspaper" is one of the conditions that Nei Maer promised to move, that is, Paris can meet their own signings program, he hoped that Paris to introduce Kutiniao, he is very hope and Brazil compatriots in the club with ball.

And according to the "Daily Sport newspaper" reported that Kutiniao is close to joining Barcelona, ??RAC1 also said that players and Barcelona has reached an agreement between. "Liverpool echo" said that Kutiniao and did not intend to leave, Liverpool will reject the higher offer of Barcelona, ??Anfield high-level attitude is that Kutiniao will never be sold.
Kutiniao hope to return to the team, want to reconcile with Liverpool
Kutiniao is preparing to reconcile with Liverpool because he wants to return to the team's main lineup.

The Brazilian international filing this month to submit a transfer application, the application was (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the Red Army's immediate rejection. Barcelona was very interested in Kutiniao, but they made a number of quotations were rejected, Nou Camp on Liverpool's firm surprised. Now they have accepted the failure to start thinking about other options, Tottenham midfielder Eriksson and Nice midfielder Seri become their new goal.

This makes Kutiniao in an awkward position, he had asked to leave, but the current situation, after this summer, he will still be a member of the Red Army. According to the "Independent" news, Kutiniao and his agent ready to admit defeat, they will seek high-level talks with Liverpool, hoping to eliminate the impact of the summer transfer event.

Kutinho camp ready to point to Barcelona, ??accused the Spanish team manipulated the Brazilians, and use his family to exert pressure. They stressed that the idea of ??the poor transfer of the application is the idea of ??Barcelona.

Liverpool coach Klopp from the beginning to the end have made it clear that Kutiniao is the team's non-sale, the midfield is expected to return to Liverpool lineup, but before that, he also need to make some embarrassing with the club Of the talks. Fortunately, the Red Army other players on the Brazilian return is still very welcome.
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