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The Spanish Clash Royale Team prepares for Top Up Clash Royale gems from reputable Clash Royale Gems sellers via secure marketplace. Cheap, fast, safe and 24/7. the World Cup

The second season of the World Clash Royale (CR Worlds) is approaching on the horizon and the Spanish team is ready again to give again to talk about in the competition. RedComander, captain of the Red, has announced the first members of the Now Clash Royale players can buy cheap Clash Royale Gems and boosting service or Clash Royale Power Leveing from Players can join groups to play alongside other players. call that will be part of the ClashRoyaleSE facing the next challenge.

For this ongside other players. occasion, the squad of the Spanish Team has 15 places, of which 8 have gone to some players chosen directly by the captains. Players who have been selected for their performance and results and where we see many faces known to maintain the structure of the ClashRoyaleSE, but also some new additions that will bring freshness as in the case of Naginata and CuchiiCuu. These two players will join the block formed by Malcaide, Teemper, Destru, Innerlol, Yeray and Soking.


In the list there are some names like Fuyur, Varik0, Xerezano or Shiki, although all of them and the rest of a long list of names of the great talent that we are proud to have in our country, will have their opportunity through a Swiss tournament Which will leave the remaining 7 players. Twenty-four contestants will participate. 20 of them will be selected by referents of the Spanish scene of Clash Royale (Staff, coaches, captains, etc ...) and the remaining will be the champions of the 4 open qualifiers that will take place soon.

Tips and tricks for fast level climbing in Clash Royale

Whether you're new to the game or you've been playing time with Clash Royale, you've come to realize that these types of games have in common that you always want to be better, more powerful powerful and have better cards, a cycle that is repeated with each New level you achieve. The problem is that as you level up the opponents are stronger, so you need to make new and better cards, more gold and more coffers. But is there a trick to level up faster in Clash Royale?

To start you must be very clear that to level up faster in Clash Royale requires very temperance and cold blood. It is indispesanble not to be in a hurry, the only thing you will get with it is to waste your gold and gems in improving cards that will not serve you at more advanced levels.

You have to have a very strong strategy, for example, to store all your premium resources to improve your best cards when you are in a high level and sand, this way you will overcome difficult situations in which it is more difficult to beat your rivals.